Senin, 31 Januari 2011

teman datang dan pergi

wik : hi! I come back sby tmrw morning. 6.30pm I need to meet my uni prof and it will take as long as 8.30-9pm. can we do it like this: when my meeting is over i will just text you and we will meet somewhere close to campus B for 1-2 hours? I would be very happy to c u before going back home :) best wishes, wik.
tint : sure! love to see you! just text me! cya soon!
tint : welcome back to surabaya! don't forget to bring the c2o's book tonight! see you soon!
wik: i will be at campus B entrance gate about 8-8.15pm and I will have only one hour to see you :( hope you will forgive me that meeting will to be so short ;)
tint : ohh i love and hate this to see u again and hate to know that u will go back to poland..okay i'll be there at 8pm

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